Sign the Statement of Purpose (SOP) to commit to adopting policies to reduce diesel emissions in your communities.

The Bay Area Air District is asking mayors, city and county government officials, and leaders of industry and business from all over the world to commit to going diesel free by signing the Statement of Purpose to cut diesel use to zero by the end of 2033.

By signing the Statement of Purpose, mayors, city and county government officials, and leaders of industry and business can join the Bay Area Air District and the state of California in showcasing our collective leadership by identifying and adopting innovative solutions to eliminate diesel emissions and black carbon from our communities.

The need for action is urgent. Diesel exhaust causes significant public health effects and accelerates climate change. The impacts will fall most heavily on communities and populations already most significantly impacted by air pollution, environmental hazards, and economic inequality. By taking on this commitment, signers are prioritizing the health of their communities and the health of our planet.

Diesel Exhaust and Climate Change

Diesel Exhaust

Diesel exhaust includes over 40 substances that are listed by the U.S EPA as hazardous air pollutants and by the California Air Resources Board as toxic air contaminants. Diesel exhaust can trigger immediate respiratory distress, especially in children, the elderly and those with asthma, COPD, emphysema, and other chronic lung and heart conditions.

Black Carbon

Diesel engines emit significant amounts of black carbon, a short-lived climate pollutant that is contributing significantly to global climate change.

Carbon Dioxide

In addition to black carbon emissions, diesel engines emit CO2 during combustion. Those emissions of CO2 form a significant portion of the 14 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation.

Climate Change

Climate change - caused by emissions of carbon dioxide, black carbon, and other climate pollutants - represents a profound threat to air quality, public health, natural weather and agricultural systems, water supplies, national and local economies, and worldwide land mass.

Signing the Statement

Signers of this Statement of Purpose (SOP) pledge to adopt policies to reduce all emissions from diesel engines within their communities to zero by December 31, 2033.

Available Technology

The Bay Area Air District recently assessed currently available options for replacing diesel combustion vehicles and equipment with zero-emission technologies.