Diesel Free by '33

Statement of Purpose

Port of Oakland

The intention of this Statement of Purpose is to establish a goal to reduce diesel emissions in local communities throughout California and beyond. The need for this action is immediate. Diesel exhaust takes a tremendous toll on both the global climate and public health.

By signing the Statement of Purpose, mayors, city and county governments, industry and businesses leaders will join the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the state of California to showcase our collective leadership to identify and adopt innovative solutions to eliminate diesel emissions and black carbon from our communities.

Diesel exhaust causes significant public health effects and accelerates climate change. The California Air Resources Board estimates that on-road diesel and off-road mobile engines comprise 54 percent of the state of California’s total black carbon emissions, a short-lived climate pollutant that is contributing significantly to global climate change. Diesel air pollution is highly toxic and can have an immediate impact on the health of residents in communities where emissions are most concentrated. The impacts will fall most heavily on communities and populations already significantly impacted by air pollution, environmental hazards, and economic inequality.

The signatories may each develop their own individual strategies to achieve the goal of reaching zero diesel emissions in their communities. Signatories to this agreement express their intent to:

  1. Collaborate and coordinate on ordinances, policies, and procurement practices that will reduce diesel emissions to zero within their jurisdictions, communities or companies;
  2. Share and promote effective financing mechanisms domestically and internationally to the extent feasible that allow for the purchase of zero emissions equipment;
  3. Share information and assessments regarding zero emissions technology;
  4. Build capacity for action and technology adaptation through technology transfer and sharing expertise;
  5. Use policies and incentives that assist the private sector as it moves to diesel-free fleets and buildings; and
  6. Periodic reporting to all signers of progress towards the zero-diesel emissions goal.

This Statement of Purpose is intended to accelerate action toward meaningful progress in support of all climate protection agreements. It is not the intent of the signatories to create through this Statement of Purpose any legally binding obligation. For purposes of this Statement, “diesel emissions” and “diesel exhaust” means emissions or exhaust emitted from the combustion of petroleum-based diesel fuel.

Signatories are committing to develop an implementation strategy to reduce diesel emissions in their jurisdictions, share solutions, and report progress. Together, we will forge a path toward a cleaner, healthier future by reducing diesel emissions in our communities, states, and beyond.